Vagabondo Rwanda Kayumbu

The Vagabondo range is a journey into the most extraordinary microlots in the world.

This Rwanda single origin specialty coffe has been processed in the Kayumbu washing station, located in the Kamonyi district – in the central area of Rwanda – and has always been a guarantee of quality. After buying the cherries from the manufacturers, a rigorous selection process begins. First, the wash station staff can remove any lower quality drupes through flotation. Then, a specially trained staff visually inspects the remaining cherries for visual defects. After sorting, the coffee is spread in a thin layer on raised beds where it is turned regularly to ensure an even drying, which lasts about 3 weeks.

Modern Rwanda is considered one of the most stable countries on the continent. Since 2003, its economy has grown by 7-8% per year and coffee production has played a key role in this economic growth. Coffee also played a role in Rwanda’s significant progress towards gender equality: new initiatives that target women and focus on helping them to equip themselves with tools and knowledge for agriculture.

Today, small farmers drive industry in Rwanda.The country has no large properties: most of the coffee is grown by 400,000+ small owners, who own less than a quarter of a hectare.

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