Honduras La Feliciana



Honduras La Feliciana is a fresh roasted specialty coffee.

🇭🇳Region: Opatoro, Honduras
⛰️ Altitude: 1600 msl
🌱 Variety: Typica
👌🏼 Harvesting: manual selective harvesting
🗓️ Harvest season: Oct/Mar
☀️ Processing: Natural process and sun drying
☕ SCA score: 87,5
🍑 🥭 🍯 Cup profile: peach, mango and honey

The plantation belongs to Isaura Martinez and has been hers since she was only 25. She started by cultivating coffee on 4 hectares of land. Throughout the years, together with her husband, they managed to acquire another 5 farms resulting in 60 hectares of land completely devoted to speciality coffee production.

Nothing came without challenges. In 2007 Isaura’s coffee plants were affected by the rust disease and had to be gradually replanted. This took 3 years to accomplish. Isaura’s coffees are exported to countries such as Japan, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the U.S.

The production of coffee is focused on quality. Cherries are handpicked during harvest and only fully red and ripe cherries are collected. Next, the coffee is put into buckets of water. Cherries that float on the surface of the water are taken out of the pile as they are not ripe enough to undergo further processing.

Cherries resting at the bottom are ready for the next steps. Each coffee is segregated by lot, varietal and process.

🔥 Roasted and bagged in the same day
🔥Date of roasting and expiration always clear
🔥Hand roasted by our master roasters
🔥 Weight 250 g