Colombia La Ponderosa



The owner of this finca Colombia Ponderosa is Mr. Radames Indivil de la Puerta Caro, in the municipality of Palermo in Huila. To 1990 mslm Mr. Radames cultivates coffee with passion and consistency, is known in the region as “innovator” of coffee, and is a business example for growers . The coffee is washed with fermentation in mucilage of about 36 h, to ensure a maximum sweetness. The greatest harvest takes place between October and January and his family works all to achieve the same goal.


Varieties : Tabi

Process: Washed

Altitude : 1990 masl

SCAA score: 89

Sensory notes: red fruits, strawberry, cherry.

A coffee with fruity notes with a predominantly sweet taste. Very clean cup. Fruity flavor.